In Stillness

Late Night Thank You.

I know You understand the pain I am going through. I know You can feel it, too. You know how much I want to break down. How much I want to run away and forget all my worries away. You know how much I need you now more than ever.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. 

Psalm 51:10

Thank you, Lord, for sustaining me today. For giving me all the strength I need to smile, to laugh, to joke around. Thank you for filling the cracks in my heart, making sure I wouldn’t fall apart.

Thank you for this pain, for teaching me to trust and delight in you while I cannot see the path ahead. Thank you for the opportunity to see your love, to experience how it is to fully submit myself to you and wait for your works to unravel.

Thank you Lord, for loving me, for making me feel your love while I search for it in the people around me. Thank you for pulling me back to You.

Thank you for calling me, for sending me people to take care of, for helping me understand that my heart can accommodate more love for other people.

You will not let me go, I am sure of that. While the people that I learned to love will turn their back on me, you are there by my side, making sure I am not alone.

Thank you, Lord, and I know, no matter what I do I could never repay you for the love you generously gives me. And of course I know, Your love is the only love in the world that never asks for anything in return. 

I find it hard to open up my palms and just let it go. But I realized, I’d never know how easy it’ll be when to let go is the only option left. 

I’m letting this go, to hand it over to You. 

In Your hands, nothing will be put to waste.

In Your hands, everything is well taken care of.

Thank you, Lord. 

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