Here on Earth

Lockdown: Day 4

4:24 PM

Yes, it’s the fourth day of the lockdown. It felt like any other Sundays (while it’s Wednesday). The children next door are all outside now. Playing basketball, wrestling over unknown issue. Just know, a corn vendor passed by, hmnnn, the delicious smell of sweet corn is in the air.

I don’t feel bored. Oh, does introvert ever feel bored when stuck at home? No, because i introverts don’t use “stuck” when at home. We find joy each time we stay at home.

There’s so much I can do at home. Read books, paint – acrylic, oil, or watercolor, draw, sculpt, do skin care, sew, clean the house. There’s so much to do.

I just feel uneasy, in a sense that I don’t know if this one month lockdown will be strictly implemented. I have a whole slew of things I want to do. I don’t know how to efficiently use my time.

My sister’s sleeping now, nursing a cough and colds. We’re praying this is not because of the Covid 19, but just her body’s normal reaction to some vitamins she’s not used to drinking.

It’s my sister’s birthday, too, and for the first time in a long time, we’re not celebrating it with the whole family. It’s quite sad, but we all have to go through this situation.

I am also praying for my immediate healing, my phlegm is not improving, and each day I breathe through God’s grace that I’ll be fine until this ordeal is over, and that He’ll heal me soonest.

These are the days when I just have to trust and claim God’s grace in my life. Isolated. Physically helpless. But moving forward through His love.

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