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Kdrama Bug Bit Me – Reply 1988

I don’t think I am that a huge Korean drama fan, but since, despite of the numerous options in Netflix, I was left without much choice but to try watching Korean dramas.

I used to really avoid Korean dramas, because I find it inconvenient to watch and read subtitles at the same time. But we all had to start somewhere.

I’m writing this because I want to share about Reply 1988, which I just recently watched in Netflix. It’s a series aired in around 1995 in South Korea, but recently made waves in Netflix. It’s mainly about five childhood friends who grew up in a tightly-knit neighborhood. The story tells the story of their families, too, and how their lives are intertwined. And as the title implies, the setting is on 1988. This made the series easier to love especially for someone who was born in the early 80’s and is a sucker of nostalgia.

It’s a 20-episode series, but I stopped at episode 18. Not because it’s not interesting anymore. But because I am so emotionally invested in this small neighborhood that I don’t want them to go yet! I am not ready to let them go, and finishing the series would mean I need to move on and find another series again.

This series is so good, that I was laughing, crying, then feeling warm all at the same time while watching it. The melody of the soundtracks are so perfect for each scene – I don’t understand their language, so I am just talking about the melody. I even searched for the translation of one of the soundtrack.

The characters were all well played by the actors. They are so endearing and relatable.

I even started following some of the actors in their IG account. I told you, I am not yet ready to let them go.

There are a lot of scenes that made me cry. Given the series has a very simple plot, but there are a lot of surprises – scenes that you don’t realize would make you cry. I cried with them, laugh with them, and dreamt with them. Oh no, ending this series is like losing a family!

Okay, so I haven’t decided to finish the series yet, but I am writing this now, so I can go back to this and remember how much these five families made me a part of them.

I’ll post again after I’m done with the series. 🙂

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