Here on Earth

It’s All Yours.

I decided to let it all go.

This time, I commit myself to really let it go. Let God take charge, and I will stop making stupid daydreams, plans, scenarios and what-nots in my head.I sat there, under the glaring rays of the sun, almost blinding me as I read my bible. I was waiting for that time. I told myself I am going to take the chance to speak to Him, heart to heart.

It was the perfect chance.

I let it go. In His hands I gave up everything. I asked Him to take care of it. I know I have told Him already about it, but my heart was not ready. I was still clinging onto it. I was pretending all alone that I did let it go. He knows I didn’t.

But I am left with no other choice. No other better choice but to let Him take care of everything that’s hurting me. To let Him handle my pain, to let Him fill the emptiness I am feeling.

He blessed me with this ability to love, to feel pain, to love again despite the pain. He, too, can take away the pain, the fear to love again because of the pain. He will take care of me. He will. He always will.

I commit myself to stop thinking of it, to channel my thoughts to something better – to Him. I am putting an end to all the unnecessary thoughts. My hands are tied, and no matter how I go back in my memories it will not change the present or the future. For everything that’s happening in my life is based on His plans.

He is the God of perfect timing. The God who is in full control of everything. And I trust that through all of these sufferings, His name will be glorified.

Here on Earth

I know you are working in my life, Lord.

Some things that are happening now seems odd and hard to understand. They are not part of my plan, this is not how I envisioned everything to be. This pain, the sudden ecstasy, the confusion, everything does not make sense to me. But I know you are working in my life.

As I lay in bed to rest my tired body and mind, I know you are carefully plotting everything out. Making sure that everything is weaved carefully to make a perfect fabric. With every color, every thread, is perfectly aligned for that wonderful material.

Everything now seems like a big puzzle that’s waiting to be completed, and this piece I am holding does not make sense to me. I cannot even imagine the whole puzzle, but why should I worry, right? Why should I waste my time wondering about the rest of the pieces, when I can just lift my trust to you and believe that you’ll bring all the pieces together for me.

Thank you, Lord, that I can sleep in peace and live to give you glory. Thank you that I don’t have to worry about everything else, because someone else is taking care of everything in my life.

You are working in my life, with people, with the situations, with all the emotions. I am in your mind as you work in it. I am remembered as you take care of everything else. I know I will not be disappointed. You always exceeds expectations.

Here on Earth

Random Drama

Little by little I am lifting my fingers off my palm
I am trying to let go
I know I must put my trust in You
You know better than I do
The sadness is swimming inside my head
Waiting for that one moment to cripple me
I tried to be still. But it in silence,
I can hear the proverbial clock ticking
Counting the days before goodbye

Little by little, my palms are opening
In you Lord, I trust that through this pain
It will lead me to know you more
Intimately. Deeper.
I can feel the word goodbye hovering above
My head. Playing with the winds
Ready to break me.

Lord, my palms are wide open
I’m giving everything up to you
Please take care of it, of everything that’s
Precious to me
Take care of it, hide it in your heart
Hold it with your embrace
Nurture it for whom it belongs
I cannot let it go for anyone but you
For in your arms I know it’ll be
Well taken cared of.
Well loved.
Keep it in your arms
Until my own palms are ready
To accept it back again
Until my grasps are stronger
Until my arms are ready
To carry the weight of everything it is

My palms are wide open, Lord
Please take my hand, grasp it tight
I entrust my life to you
Lead me where I need to go
My palms can be sweaty
Please Lord don’t let it go
My palms are wide open
Fill it with your love
My palms are wide open
Ready to let go
Ready to hold you

Blog Challenges, Here on Earth

Week 2: A Song About My Most Recent (Ex-Boy)Friend.

Can I skip this week’s challenge?! Hahahha!
Since I don’t have any ex-boyfriend, let me share a song that I’ve been listening and singing to for the past month for my most recent soon-to-be-ex-future boyfriend (why is my love-life sounds so complicated?!)

And why, why do I have to put it out here?! 

Urgh. This prompt is so timely.


My heart. My heart.


Enough of my nonsense ramblings.
Here’s the song:

Walang Hanggan by Quest
It’s the official soundtrack of Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa movie.

You may want to listen to it via Spotify or watch their Youtube Official video while reading the lyrics for a complete moment of #feels.

Walang Hanggan

Gulong gulo ang puso
Saan ba to patungo
Di ko alam 
Di ko alam

Hinarap lahat ng balakid
Pero bakit walang kapit
Ang mga pangakong binitawan
Di ko alam
Di ko alam

Nung ika’y nilalamig ako yung init
Kapag takot sa bukas ako yung unang sisilip
Ginawa ko nang lahat hindi parin sapat kasi
Ikay mawawala na

Nawalan ng gana ang tadhana
Nanlalamig yung dating nagbabaga
Kung maibabalik lang sana
Titiisin ko na kahit paulit ulit

Tapos pipilitin ko na di maulit
Ang masulyapan mo yung dulo
Akala ko walang hanggan pero may dulo
Bawat segundo saking puso iuukit

Lahat ng alalala aking iguguhit
Para makalimutan mong may dulo
Ang sabi mo walang hanggan pero eto tayo sa dulo
Kelan ka ba napaso
Nanlalamig na ang iyong braso
Bakit ganyan
Bakit ganyan

Kung pwede lang pakisagot lahat ng bakit
Saan galing ang galit
Meron bang nangaakit
Kailangan ko lang malinawan

Bakit ganyan
Bakit ganyan
Handang panindigan lahat ng ating plano
Sigurado kahit di kabisado
Gagawin ko ang lahat
Walang pake kung di sapat
Kasi ika’y mawawala na

Nawalan ng gana ang tadhana
Nanlalamig yung dating nagbabaga
Kung maibabalik lang sana
Iindahin ko ang sakit na gumuguhit

Ngingiti sa likod ng luhang pumupunit
Baka masulyapan mo yung dulo
Kasi sabi mo walang hanggan ba’t merong dulo
Ibibigay ko ang lahat paulit ulit

Bawat pagkakataon ay aking isusulit
Basta matalikuran mo yung dulo

Ang sabi mo walang hanggan ba’t andito tayo sa dulo
Ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh
Sa dulo ohh ohh ohhh ohhh
Wag ka munang tumalikod

Bumalik ka muna dito
Padampi kahit anino
Ayokong mag isa dito
Wala na bang bisa aking dalangin

Tinataboy na ba ng langit
Nakikiusap nalang sa hangin
Ngayong wala kana saakin
Bakit ba biglang meron tayong dulo

Pangako mo walang hanggan
Bakit nandyan ka sa dulo
Pwede bang kalimutan mong may dulo
Handa ako sa walang hanggan

Pangako mo walang hanggan
Akala ko walang hanggan
Pero eto tayo sa dulo
Kung ikay mawawala sa aking piling

Dinggin mo ang aking bilin
Lingon ka lang paminsan minsan
Dito lang ako di ako lilisan
Sa ating dulo hindi ako lilisan
Di ako lilisan

Okay. I’m done for this week’s challenge. Let me get my pillows and cry in self pity. Just kidding!

Stay tuned for next week’s prompt post!

Blog Challenges, Here on Earth

Week 1: A Song From Your Childhood

Okay, so I was invited by Cary to join their blogging challenge, which I gladly accepted.  This is about music, with 25 blog prompts, which will run for 25 weeks. Note: Weeks.

I lost track of time, so this post is meant to cover up the missed week. Ssssh!

Week 1: A Song from your Childhood

Somewhere Out There

I specifically selected this song because as far I can remember this was the first song that I was able to memorize in full, plus this was the OST of the movie, American Tale.

Somewhere Out There

Somewhere out there
Beneath the pale moonlight
Someone’s thinking of me
And loving me tonight

Somewhere out there
Someone’s saying a prayer
That we’ll find one another
In that big somewhere out there

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby

It helps to think we’re sleeping underneath the same big sky
Somewhere out there
If love can see us through

Then we’ll be together
Somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true

(And oh, I just realized how comforting and bittersweet this song is. Huhuhu, my heart!)

Here on Earth

On our 19th Year.

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Proverbs 18:24

Praise God for a friendship that can withstood time and distance!

Yesterday, after twelve years, my bestest high school buddies and I finally found the perfect time to meet – complete. We were 5 in the all-female group in our senior year, and we’re sort of inseparable.

We used to hang-out together non-stop. There were times back then when we would be together from Monday to Sunday. I cannot remember exactly what we used to do in all those days, but I am pretty sure we were having so much fun. And until now, we still laugh and get crazy like when we were 16 years old.

Circa 1998

After 19 years, a lot of changes took place.

They all have their own families now.  And I, I remain single and the Godmother of their kids.

Over the years, we were all able to hangout, but there would always be that one person who cannot come. We would exchange crazy messages over our FB group chat, laugh at each other’s silly stories, or narcissistic photos. We were able to keep the friendship alive and strongly kicking.

And after years of trying to match our uneven schedule, we were able to hit the spot!

This August is our Anniversary month. We annually celebrate the day we discover a world of friendship in each other. And this 2017, is our 19th year.

We have been through quite a lot of trials in terms of our friendship, and with the grace of God, we were able to stick together.  I love that we refused to look in our differences, but valued whatever that keeps us united. We are no longer just concern with school projects, or terror teachers, but we are full grown adults now. We are facing real life challenges and it’ll be hard to face the world alone without friends to run to.

We still have a lot of things to face together, there would be disagreements, misunderstandings, difference in political and religious views, and we would face another trouble in arranging another meet-up, but I know we are all looking forward to celebrate our 50th year of friendship.

These ladies, despite of new friends we are all about to meet, will remain special to me.

We are the POKZ. We have withstood the test of time and distance, and we are born to be each other’s friend.




Here on Earth

Brief Note: Fit Me! by Maybelline

I was running out of BB Stick, so I checked out Beauty MNL online shop to look for a new beauty item to try. Since, Maybelline just brought Fit Me! in the Philippines, I decided to buy myself a Fit Me! Matte Foundation in True Beige.


I used it yesterday afternoon, almost right after it arrived in the delivery.

I like how this Foundation does not feel like a foundation.  I love how the True Beige fits my complexion almost perfectly. It looks so natural on my skin, and it’s so light on the face unlike other liquid foundation I used before. Application wise, this is almost comparable to a BB cream, except this is NOT sticky, and surprisingly easy to blend.

Pardon the rough hand.
Yesterday, I used Maybelline Pressed powder on top of the Fit Me! foundation, but this morning I opted to use it alone. And I like how I was able to achieve the No-MakeUp-Look for my face. It has a matte finish, but not drying. It’s hydrating enough for my skin. It has a light to medium coverage, and really does cover the blemishes and pores.

(I must include this: As I had my bible reading this afternoon, guess what I got?

If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of God.

Galatians 1:10

Uhmn, I guess I am reminded not to lose focus on worldly stuff, such as make-up)

Here on Earth

Friday, Free-day.

The government declared this day to be a Special Non-Working Day due to ASEAN Summit held in Manila. And since it’s not often that we get this almost-long-weekend kind of holiday, I tagged Forester C to Taytay for some thrift-shopping.

I’ve been to Taytay Market once, years ago, and it was not the most pleasant experience since it was too hot to walk around, but I enjoy the shopping experience, since you get to find really cheap clothing items (you just have to make sure you have a quick eye to shop for good ones).

We toured the four clusters of shopping area at Taytay Market. We were sweating, because the temperature was terrible, but we were able to buy quite a lot. I was able to buy thirteen (13) items and my total spending was only P970.00!

What did I buy with Php970.00?

  1. Two pairs of Mickey Mouse printed shorts and tank top
  2. A gray training tights
  3. White spaghetti-strap top
  4. A black romper pants
  5. A polo dress
  6. Training top
  7. Two pairs of shorts
  8. Culottes in pink color
  9. A blouse for my Mom
  10. A black pencil cut skirt
  11.  White printed shirt

I always make it a point to scour the whole area for items to buy, and I buy what I can buy since Taytay area is quite far from where I live. Besides, you wouldn’t need to bring hefty amount of money because you could already buy a lot with your P1,000.00.

I was a bit disappointed though, because I wasn’t able to chance upon some dresses which I can wear to Church or at work, but that gives me enough reason to visit Taytay again.

We reached the place at around 11 am, and we finished walking around at 2:30 p.m. We had lunch in the nearby pizza parlor, and decided to accomplish our bible study session for that day.

(And oh, I dropped by at Robinsons Galeria on my way home, and guess what? I was tricked (by myself) to buying make-ups again! I’ll tell you about it on my next post!)

Here on Earth


Whew. It’s like breathing in some fresh air here, huh. Oh well. This isn’t really my first blog post, but since I decided to delete my old posts (2005- 2016) to have a “fresh start”, this appears to be the first entry.

No, I am not fooling around (April Fool’s day?).

Anyhow, why did I decide to delete every old posts?

Simply because those old posts were all about the old version of me. I am no longer part of that past, and no matter how colorful and crazy those memories were, I don’t think I have to be constantly reminded of how everything were.

No, it wasn’t really that bad. But with  my new life with Christ, nothing in the past should matter. I am looking forward for my unseen future, in this new journey as His follower, and the only thing that matters now is my today and tomorrow with Him.

Here, I would chronicle some things that goes on with my daily life. It may not be as vibrant as you would imagine it to be being His follower. But I hope in this journey, we could help each other grow our faith in Him.

I would still be posting about mundane things, about crazy things that fills my mind, I would still be the crazy, but better, me.

You will read how I fell to the trap of worldly needs, and how I would struggle overcoming my shortcomings, or how often I would forget how faithful God is to me. I would be a weak Christian from time to time, but oftentimes I would be proudly standing on my toes glorifying God. Waiting on Him is a journey, a journey I would love to grow old with.

Life will always be filled with reasons to struggle and encounter pain, but we must find strength in Him. Let Him be our guide, our Lord, until He returns for us.

Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient about it, until it receives the early and the late rains.  You also, be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

James 5:7-8